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Electronic Water Softener Unit 1

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Electronic Water Softener
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Manufacturer: MillersUK

Manufacturers Product Code: EWSLP1

Product Description

The EWSU1 is an Electronic Water Softener and Descaler that softens hard water, removes limescale and prevents limescale from forming, is easy to install and requires no maintenance.

The electronic water softener is a much cheaper option compared to that of adding salt to a dishwasher regularly.

What Is An Electronic Water Softener?

Hard water is one of the worst things that your house can encounter. You end up with clogged pipes, destroyed electronics, and reduced water taste. Over time, various chemicals have been used to soften hard water.

This is however not as efficient as we would like it to be. This is why new products such as the Electronic Water Softener Unit 1 are gaining quick popularity in modern households.

Lime Scale In Pipe

Features Of The Electronic Water Softener Unit

The Electronic Water Softener Unit 1 has in the recent past gained unrivalled popularity in modern households. This simple electronic device removes lime scale and softens hard water with the most sincere effort.

The apparatus further work throughout to prevent limescale formation. It is amazingly easy to install, and manufacturers assure that no maintenance is needed. This comes in as a useful device to invest in considering the following advantages you get to enjoy when using the product.

Advantages and Benefits

Removes and prevents limescale formation - upon installation, the device works to remove the existing lime scale and works around the clock to prevent further limescale formation.

No chemicals - as much as chemical use may be useful in combating limescale formation, it is only a temporary solution and in most cases, not a very healthy one.

The Electronic Water Softener Unit 1 offers a safer more reliable alternative.

Tested and proven- is a product designed and produced in the UK, this product has been shown to give quality services over a very long time. Its durability is guaranteed for approximately ten years from the time of purchase.

Cheap to procure and use- the device retails at low cost and is recorded to use roughly £2.00 a year to run.

The device allows a user to effectively keep a low cost of maintenance while enjoying the use of soft water Lower power bills and protected appliances- most household appliances come into contact with water from time to time.

Hard water reduces the lifespan of most of these products.

With the Electronic Water Softener Unit 1, you get to spare your devices encounters with hard water. It also takes a shorter time to heat water, therefore, cutting the cost of running a hot shower.

Use Description

The Electronic Water Softener Unit 1 is designed for use in small houses that cover about 1-4 bedrooms. Following the device’s proven reliability of use, it has found its way into most households in the UK and elsewhere.

hard water areas uk

  • Our device can filter hard water up to 20,000 litres every hour
  • Our device can treat 45-bed hostels and hotels
  • This device will remove limescale
  • Our device will help prevent the formation of limescale
  • Our device will protect your equipment
  • This device makes your water more plateable
  • No experience needed for installation
  • Manufactured with the best parts and built to last
  • This device is electronic doesn’t contain any chemicals
  • Energy Saving Device And Eco-Friendly
  • Micro Chip and Technology
  • Produced and Manufactured In The UK
  • Used by professionals
  • This device has been tested for over nine years

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