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Miele 5.5kg Washer PW6055

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Commercial Washing Machines 5-7kg
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Manufacturer: Miele

Manufacturers Product Code: PW 6055 - dpw

Product Description

Miele Profitronic L 5.5 kg (Drain Pump) Washing Machine. The unique style of the honeycomb type structure for much softer fabric care which makes a slight layer of water between your laundry and the drum wall. Your laundry will lightly slide on the on this water film for the best quality cleaning care.

The Institue For Applied In Krefeld has scientifically proved this. Most notable features can be seen when your laundry keeps its shape over time.

This makes the machine much softer on Textiles which gives them the ability to last longer.

Wet cleaning of sensitive textiles like that of Suits, Ties, and Shirts, which is an essential asset of modern fabric care. Wet cleaning technology developed by Miele, has some advantages over commonly used chemical cleaning.

The textiles smell pleasantly fresh, water-soluble soiling is flushed away in an optimum way, and the environment is protected.

Miele 6.5Kg Washer PW 6065 Control Panel

  • Load ratio: 5.5 kg
  • Drum volume: 54 L
  • Spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • g-factor: 526
  • Residual moisture: 50 %
  • White
Control system
  • Electronic controls with high-end liquid-crystal display;
  • 6 standard programmes and up to 18 special programmes;
  • Arbitrary temperatures and spin speeds;
  • Simple navigation with multifunction selector;
  • 4 direct-access keys to select favourites;
  • Programme customisation option;
  • Multi-language user interface (21 lanuages selectable);
  • 24 h delay start;
  • Countdown indicator;
  • Drum lighting.
  • Asynchronous motor with frequency controls
  • Stainless-steel suds container;
  • 2 specialised heater elements;
  • Dump valve or drain pump;
  • Hot and cold water connection (optional: Alternative water supply);
  • Coin mechanism connection, Serial RS 232 interface, optical PC
  • Electric
Dispensing technology
  • Three-compartment front dispenser;
  • Pre-equipped for connection of 4 liquid-dispenser pump.
Wash technology
  • Patented honeycomb drum;
  • Scoop-and-ladle technology;
  • Automatic load control;
  • Two-stage imbalance sensing.
  • Robust spaceframe casing;
  • Optional front and side panels stainless steel or enamelled front and sides in white, silver screen, machine lid with stainless steel;
  • Enlarged porthole(30 cm diameter);
  • Optional to combine washing machine and tumble dryer as a stack;
  • Dimensions: H x W x D: 850 x 595 x 720 mm.
Versions Available
  • Voltage: 230V/1N/50 Hz - Amps: 1 x 13
  • Voltage: 230V/1N/50 Hz - Amps: 1 x 25
  • Voltage: 400V/2N/50 Hz - Amps: 2 x 13
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