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Commercial Dishwasher - Miele PG 8055

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Manufacturer: Miele

Manufacturers Product Code: PG 8055

Product Description

Even the most exacting of hygiene demands are met by special programmes. The new Miele dishwashers are combine speed, efficiency, performance and cost-effectiveness. The freshwater circulation system ensures consistently high cleaning performance on a variety of load types.

About Miele

Miele is one of the worlds leading manufacturers for commercial dishwashers. Miele is world renowned for their innovation for appliances in the laundry and catering industry. Miele has enjoyed an excellent reputation for its services to hygiene and cleaning for more than 110 years.

Features Of The Miele PG 8055 Commercial Dishwasher

They are providing commercial dishwashers which are known for their performance, economic benefits, ergonomics and efficiency. One of their most popular dishwashers is that of the Miele PG 8055 dishwasher.

Commercial dishwasher - Miele PG 8055

Miele designed the dishwasher for intensive use in restaurants, sports clubs, guesthouses, hospitality industry, and canteens. The dishwasher has two units in it’s, a capacity which provides the user with more options to clean more crockery.

The foundation for this success is superior quality, the power of innovation and continuing close cooperation with users. The result is rugged and powerful machines on which you can depend at all times during your daily work.

Due to the nature of busy catering companies and restaurants companies was a dishwasher that is fast efficient. With breakfast, lunch and dinner service, ongoing throughout the day, it vital for these companies to have a dishwasher that is quick so that the crockery and cutlery can be replenished back into the kitchen.

Problem Solving Machines

Miele looks to solve the pain points of the companies they design their machines for. The Miele PG 8055 dishwasher is a perfect example of a commercial dishwasher that provides the customer with fresh water wash cycle of only 9 minutes — allowing the user to obtain up to cycles per day.

The PG 8055 dishwasher gives the user improved productivity as their staff have the right equipment to perform their tasks as efficiently possible. Productivity is a crucial ingredient for a successful and fully functional kitchen.

Only the best parts go into a Miele dishwasher. Most cheaper domestic options are made with quality metals and plastics. It’s for this reason that most companies are advised not domestic dishwasher in commercial environments.

While having a commercial dishwasher that is quick is the goal of most businesses, having a reliable dishwasher should the core concern of your company — downtime for dishwasher maintenance very costly for in both monetary sense with time.

Benefits Of The Miele PG 8055

The dishwasher can process up to 200 plates per hour. The baskets are adjustable giving you more control over the type of dishes and cutlery you need to clean.

Industrial Dishwasher UK

The built-in softener ensures the optimum hardness level of the water for perfect dishwashing results. Patented in-door salt container Ergonomic convenience. This salt container can be conveniently refilled without removing the lower basket.

Miele gives the user many programs which provide the user with more control over the machine for specific requirements.


pg 8055 interface

The Miele PG 8055 commercial dishwasher has a tidy footprint to suit most commercial outfits. With a height of 820 mm width of 600mm and depth of 600mm.

Product Highlights
  • Three spray arms ensure maximum coverage of wash chamber
  • Excellent rinse results thanks to a powerful circulation pump with integrated heating
  • Water softener as a standard feature
  • separate fresh intakes of water for the main wash and final rinse
  • Hygiene programme with extended rinse
  • Final rinse temperatures of up to 70c
  • Easy to clean internal and external surfaces

To Purchase The Miele PG 8055 from Millers UK, You need to contact our sales team. Miele only issues a warranty on any of their appliances when it’s installed by a Miele professional partner.

Millers UK has been in partnership with Miele for over 10 years.

Call our sales team for expert and solid advice.

Commercial Dishwasher UK

  • Shortest cycle 5 Mins
  • Two rack levels for maximum capacity
  • Up to 456 plates in lower basket and further items of crockery and cutlery in upper basket
  • Mixed loads comprising crockery, glasses, cutlery and pots and pans possible
  • Basket configuration using standard or plastic baskets
  • Highest efficiency up to 40 cycles per day
  • Load-specific programmes with adapted process parameters
  • 835 x 598 x 580 h/w/d (mm)