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Electronic Water Softener Unit 2 - {electronic scale inhibitor}

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Electronic Water Softener
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Manufacturer: MillersUK

Manufacturers Product Code: EWSLP2

Product Description

Hard water is responsible for most of the plumbing issues most households experience. It may lead to clogging of pipes, corrosion and even destruction of product quality of household appliances.

Hard water is also responsible for some of the most common illnesses in the human race. Over the years, many methods have been used to try and soften hard water for household use. Some include boiling and use of chemical additives.

Though effective, these methods are either too expensive or unhealthy, primarily when used in large scale. It is for this reason that products such as the Electronic Water Softener Unit 2 come as a welcome solution.

Use Cases For Electronic Water Softener Unit 2

The Electronic Water Softener Unit 2 is a great household gadget that removes lime scale and softens hard water. The device further works to ensure that no more limescale is formed. This product is an upgrade to its predecessor the Electronic Water Softener Unit 2.

This piece features the use of harmonics. The device broadcasts a range of harmonics that are aimed at increasing the overall effectiveness of the product.

Advantages Of The Electronic Water Softener Unit 2

The product encompasses a range of good advantages including the following. Removal and prevention of limescale - the device removes existing limescale and actively prevents any limescale formation.

This ensures your pipes stay clean without plumbing issues.

Eco-friendly in both power consumption and usability- the device uses eco-friendly levels of power.

The manufacturer estimates an annual £2.00 electric bill to maintain the active use of the product.

No chemicals- this is by far the most effective and healthy method of achieving this result.

Over the years, chemical use has been the go-to solution. However, the Electronic Water Softener Unit 2 offers a welcome deviation that assures your health.

Easy to install and requires no maintenance- The product is considered one of the easiest to install tools used by plumbers across the globe. Novice users can easily fit it in their plumbing system and you can have this electronic scale inhibitor it working in just a matter of moments.

The product covers up to 5 bedrooms houses. This is an upgrade from its predecessor in both effectiveness and usability.

Guaranteed workability and lasting solution - the product manufacturer, guarantees the product use for up to ten years. Given that the product is tested for quality, this product is guaranteed to give its user the real value of their money

Features Of The Electronic Waster Softner Unit 2

The product offers its users a natural avenue of managing water resources. It features Aerial: 2 x 1.5m long (jack both ends) with Mains Lead: 2m long. It can treat pipes up to 50 mms diameter. If successfully set up, the products remain in good working condition for an extended period.

This is an upgrade to its predecessor and has newer improved water management procedures. The H: 64mm W: 115mm D: 46mm product guarantees soft water on all streams where the device is fitted. Several of these units may be used in a single household for maximum effectiveness.


Electronic Water Softener Unit 2 {EWSU 2}

  • The EWSU 2 is an Electronic Water Softener and Descaler that softens hard water, removes limescale and prevents limescale from forming, is - easy to install and requires no maintenance.

  • A new upgrade was implemented in 2015 with the introduction of HARMONICS. This means that ALL EWSU 2 purchased during or after 2015 now broadcast an additional range of harmonics which substantially increase the effectiveness of the unit.
  • Our device can filter hard water up to 20,000 litres every hour
  • Our device can treat 45-bed hostels and hotels
  • This device will remove limescale
  • Our device will help prevent the formation of limescale
  • Our device will protect your equipment
  • Reduces your heating bills
  • This device makes your water more plateable
  • No experience needed for installation
  • Manufactured with the best parts and built to last
  • This device is electronic doesn’t contain any chemicals
  • Energy Saving Device And Eco-Friendly
  • Micro Chip and Technology
  • Produced and Manufactured In The UK
  • Used by professionals
  • This device has been tested for over nine years

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